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We here at SLD solutions take great pride in being the most informative, transparent and honest company to deal with in regards to your student loan needs. We believe in being as transparent as possible and educating you so that you can make the best decisions possible.

The best way to explain what we do here at SLD solutions is by giving clarification to what a servicer actually is, who we are and what it is that we do.

A servicer is a private company that is solely responsible for the collection of payments for the debt by the student loan borrower, while earning revenue from your interest payments

These companies do not work for borrowers, they work against them. As they are only contracted by the Department of Education to service the loans. 

Federal student loan Servicers, some known as: AES, Navient (previously Sallie Mae), Great Lakes, FedLoan, Nelnet, MOHELA, ED Financial, ACS and many other private servicers. In which, have agreements authorization by the Department of Education to service the loans and generate revenue off the interest paid by the borrower.

Now, on the other spectrum, exists SLD Solutions. We work for our clients to represent them fairly and align according to their best interest at heart. We take responsibility educating each borrower and resolving this  experience regarding debt vs. collecting payments for decades. SLD Solutions assists individuals to help prepare all of the needed documentation and submit everything on clients behalf when applying for a consolidation, loan rehabilitation program, repayment plans and/ or any forgiveness programs that best benefits them. Our goal is to educate everyone we can about student loan debt and all the options that are accessible to them. Unfortunately, student loan servicers will not inform their current borrowers about the available options that would benefit  borrowers, mainly because there is an inherent conflict of interest. 

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We provide you with two options; You can either purchase our Do It Yourself Program or you may hire us and utilize our Total Relief Assistance. Use our guaranteed services saving you a lot of time & money!

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