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How & Why We Started


Joe Coto was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He comes from a strong sports background and was fortunate to attend four years of university as a student athlete and play four years of collegiate baseball. After years of pursuing his professional baseball career and the birth of his first born, Joe came to a decision of seeking a different career path. After 20 plus years of playing baseball and chasing his dream as a professional athlete, he began shifting his focus onto a different profession. Growing his hard work, discipline, dedication, passions to a higher level and be able to have a larger effect on his local community and  throughout all communities across the country.

Joe began making his way into the financial services industry back in 2013. While completing his college career, he began to work in the educational debt relief field by educating former students about their student loan debt and the options available to them by the federal government. As a former student-athlete, Joe knows exactly what it is to be in debt and having bills sent every month that he knew he could not afford at the time and not knowing how serious student loans are. Especially as a young man coming out of college, with $30,000+ in student loan debt and without any guarantees that he would find a decent job in the career he studied for.  Joe began to study the industry, did his due diligence, educated himself and became a student of the this field and made a commitment to spread awareness about all the programs available offered by the federal government.

Joe believes it is very important that everyone, from all ages to understand how student loan debt works and what the process of repaying the loans is. Joe’s mission is to make sure he  maintains an extremely valuable, trustworthy and  transparent company that can educate and empower all those who choose to hire his company for it’s services. SLD Solutions objective is to impact each and every persons life in the most positive way possible and to remove the weight of student loan debt off the shoulders of all borrowers.