IDR Re-certifications (Income-Driven Repayment Program Only $14.99/mo

If you are currently under an IDR Program, you may or may not be aware that you need to assure that every year your recertification is done. This is an extremely crucial part of your loan repayment. There are several consequences if you miss your recertification deadline. However, leave that up to us! We automate this process for you at a VERY low monthly price and we avoid any and all jeopardization situations.

IDR & PSLF Recertification Program (10 Year Forgiveness Program & IDR) - Only $19.99/mo

For those who are in the public sector and are currently in the PSLF Program (10 Year Forgiveness) we automatically re-certify your IDR program as well as your PSLF program. It is vital to do both, every year. This way we assure you that each year, those 12 monthly payments are being credited towards the 120 months. With our Annual Renewal Program, we automate this process for you and we personally reach out to you 90 days prior to your deadline.

Garnishment vetting process

Tax Garnishment Vetting Process $29.99

Have you been in collections/ default status for some time already? Are you wondering if your tax return is on the verge of getting garnished? With our vetting process we can let you know if you are at risk, what needs to be done and how we can fix that.

Wage Garnishment Vetting $29.99

Have you been in collections for more than 120 days? Or unsure of how long you've been in default? With our Wage Garnishment vetting process, we can let you know where you stand with your student loans and if you are at risk of getting your wages garnished. Wage Garnishments are usually 15% of your check, which can end up costing you a pretty penny and cause financial difficulties.

remove defaulted status

Complete Rehabilitation Program

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Accelerated Rehabilitation

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